Why Outsource?

Focus on Your Core Business

There are many compelling reasons for entrusting your administration needs to TAO Administration. Our consultative approach, breadth of skills, depth of expertise and zero tolerance for errors allow us to support all your structuring activities in such a way that operational issues don’t disrupt or distract from your business. By partnering with TAO Administration, you will be able to:

  • Focus your attention on core investment activities;
  • Make better use of limited financial and human resources;
  • Instantly access experienced professionals, best practices and systems;
  • Benefit from scalability in volume and breadth of our products and strategies;
  • Ensure quality and independence of control and valuation;
  • Meet ever-changing requirements of institutional investors, domestic and international regulatory bodies, and tax and financial reporting.
For more information on TAO Administration services, please call Ken Toten at (416) 309-9300.