Specialized Services to Suit Your Unique Requirements

No matter how complex your structured finance investments and associated processing needs may be, TAO Administration offers a high-quality solution to solve your challenges, either directly or through our sister companies. Our services include:

Asset/Liability Management

  • Matching of maturity and issuance of debt instruments to corresponding seller/receivable data (including but not limited to commercial paper, fixed and floating rate term notes, grid notes, demand notes and loans);
  • Monitor and calculate credit enhancement levels.

Hedge Management

  • Tracking of all swaps and hedging contracts related to assets and liabilities;
  • Dynamic management and administration of dynamic hedges;
  • Perform mark-to-market calculations;
  • Track Hedge Counterparty aggregate exposure and public ratings;
  • Hedge collateral management.

Cash and Securities Management

  • Reconciliation of remittances;
  • Processing and fundings of new sellers and/or assets;
  • Administration of deal waterfall;
  • Note distribution, issuance and maturities processing;
  • Pay-down and rollover of maturing debt outstanding;
  • Investment of cash balances;
  • Administration of collateral;
  • Opening and administration of bank and custodial accounts;
  • Manage securities safekeeping.

Sponsor, Investor and Rating Agency Reporting

  • Generate customized reports to meet the requirements of each mandate;
  • Issuer, asset and transaction level reporting on historical performance, program trigger compliance, etc.
  • Program revenue forecasting;
  • Proactive asset and portfolio management;
  • Dealer reporting.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Offer full accounting services in accordance with GAAP/ IFRS;
  • Provide full transparency through periodic financial reporting to clients and stakeholders;
  • Manage external audits;
  • Assess the impact of the Accounting & Regulatory changes and design adequate accounting policies;
  • Coordinate and reconcile the valuation of the Financial Instruments with the Risk Group, counterparties and third-party providers;
  • Prepare the required sales tax filing for each jurisdiction;
  • Prepare the required tax return filing and compliance reporting for each jurisdiction;
  • Perform hedge reconciliation for audit requests.

Credit and Due Diligence Services

  • Full scope due diligence review, investigation and reporting on Sellers’ credit, origination and servicing policies, procedures and processes, including compliance review and testing of asset portfolios and servicing against Seller and program specific requirements;
  • Proactive Seller, asset and portfolio level monitoring and management, including periodic reviews and reconciliations tailored to client requirements;
  • Transaction surveillance; monitoring covenant compliance – program and Seller level.
For more information on TAO Administration services, please call Ken Toten at (416) 309-9300.