Why TAO Administration

Pre-eminent Independent Provider of End-to-End Structured Finance, ABS and SPV Administration

Founded in 2009 and with experience in the administration of over $6 Billion of structured finance assets, ABS and secured loans for a diverse client base that has included the largest global asset manager, regulated banks and trust companies, lease and finance companies and Canadian Crown corporations, TAO leverages its detailed knowledge of securitization and structured finance products in a wide variety of structures and asset classes, using proprietary systems and technology, to deliver the highest quality, unique and customized solutions to serve its clients’ needs.

Delivering Service Excellence

TAO Administration uses its depth of experience to guide it through the challenges of administrating complex financial products. Our senior managers and team members have spent their careers serving the needs of the largest and most demanding structured finance administration mandates. This expertise, along with a “can-do” attitude, is what makes TAO Administration truly unique in the Canadian financial services industry.

Thought Leadership

TAO Administration senior management and operational team members possess extensive experience in the structuring and administration of structured finance products. As experts in their field, TAO are recognized thought leaders and will continue to be at the forefront of the changes within the financial services industry.

What we offer

No matter how complex your investments and processing needs may be, TAO Administration offers a high-quality solution to solve your challenges. Our services include:

  • Structured Products Administration.
  • Alternative Asset Administration.
  • RMBS/CMBS Administration.
  • Administration services can be at the stuctured level or the underlying asset level, with remedial management administration provided at competitive rates in all areas.
  • Full scope due diligence review, investigation and reporting on Sellers’ credit, origination and servicing policies, procedures and processes, including compliance review and testing of asset portfolios and servicing against Seller and program specific requirements.
  • We offer full cycle SPV administration as well as a menu of service solutions that can be tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

News and Blogs

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